Longer Hollow Legs and I recently went on a jaunt to the Big Apple for a friend’s wedding – and of course, a little holiday.  Time away from home and its familiar tastes lends perspective, and I come home feeling incredibly grateful for the food and drink of my local boroughs.

Oh hai!

Oh hai!

A lunch in New Jersey

Journalling while lunching in New Jersey. I learned that broccoli salad should always contain bacon.

Manhattan from the Jersey side

Manhattan from the Jersey side. Who needs hobbies when you can people-watch?!

Longer Hollow Legs

Longer Hollow Legs, the best travel companion that my Legs could ask for.

Fish ok

Evidence of success garnered from the Hudson River.

A raccoon

This noble beast was carved into the side of a tree in Riverdale Park West in Toronto (our stopover to NYC). Mr. Raccoon was discovered after a lovely visit to Rooster Coffee House in Riverdale Park East.

Ferry ride

I realized that taking the ferry is a great way to get around…life lessons all over the place.

La Colombe in Soho

Alongside Blue Bottle Coffee (in Brooklyn), La Colombe (Soho) prepared some of the best coffee we had.

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita

Recommended by two trusted, well-fed friends (by which I mean they eat well, ahem), Tacombi at Fonda Nolita served delicate little tacos filled with fried fish, pork belly, la la la. Not to be missed is their watermelon juice – hubba bubba! We brought home a bottle of their dried chile de arbol sauce to relive the glory.

Hi Collar

Hi Collar in the East Village is a sliver of a cafe, serving delicate Japanese food, but more significantly for us, siphon coffee. Watching coffee prepared in this theatrical way is quite the treat!

Coming home is always bittersweet (like the best chocolate), but regardless it is underwritten with gratitude for being well fed with food, drink and experience.  The richness of it all inspires me to keep my eyes and heart open, and to see and appreciate things as they really are.


Playing around with tea blends is a good way to whittle the afternoon away in the kitchen.  Here is a blend of chrysanthemum flowers, green cardamom, sliced almonds, fennel and cumin seeds.  Steeped on its own or with a small strip of candied ginger dropped in to lend a touch of sweet spiciness, this blend is vegetal and smooth, reminiscent of cool green meadows and calming warm breezes.  A little cup of tea beside you is a small luxury that seems to lengthen the day, giving you more time to curl up on the sofa with a good book.

chrysanthemum tea blend

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