Two hollow legs bio photo

I have hollow legs.  While this condition has not been officially acknowledged by the medical community, I am certain that I do not suffer alone in this state, which is that I am always hungry (and thirsty), due to the unfortunate emptiness of my lower body.  As self-medication, I take to cooking lots at home, eating in restaurants and chittering about how full my legs get as a result.

Besides my distinguishing physical predicament, I have a Masters degree in Food Science, teach yoga, and study Ayurveda.  Occasionally, I cook privately for people in their homes.  My compadre (Longer Hollow Legs) and I live in a Canadian city with 80 degrees C variance between summer and winter.  Our kitchen is tiny and old, with no right angles, and I can simultaneously touch the fridge, sink and stove if I stretch out my limbs.

I hope one day to have normal legs.  In the meantime, I continue to eat.

You can also find me at and Toodle loo!


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