The bare necessities

There are some food items that I must, must have in the house to feel safe and prepared for anything – unexpected dinner guests, the end of the world, emotional eating binge, whatever.  And here they are:

1. Frozen green peas.  

They go with everything!  And they look so happy, nestled together in a bowl, round and cheery, making friends with whatever they happen to be next to.

2. Butter.

Everything slides down more easily with butter.  Mm hm.

3. Basmati rice.

Supportive, unassuming.  Like the peas, it goes with everything.  It is the stem to the gastronomic flower.

4. Cheese.

Even a simple supermarket old Cheddar will do the trick.  With little bits of it melted into a bowl of rice and peas, it is my idea of a perfect, solitary meal.

5. Chocolate.

Preferably dark, say 70-80% cocoa solids.  Though milk chocolate will do in a pinch (white chocolate is NOT chocolate – it doesn’t have any cocoa solids, sheesh!)  While the above four items can easily form a frugal dinner, the chocolate can be the sweet finish to a quiet meal of simple comfort.

Excuse me while I go burrow under a pile of blankets.


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