Think pink!

Ah, pink.  The colour of Barbie, Pepto-Bismol, and ambiguously gay men.  The sibling of red, the half-cousin of purple.  There’s something about pink that makes me shudder with disgust and yet gives me a sense of perpetual cheeriness.

Luckily, the thought of pink food tends to give me the giggles.  A few weeks ago as a final hoo-hah to summer, I whizzed together a sort of cold soup: frozen strawberries, a frozen banana, chocolate almond milk, and a schloop of cream. So exciting I missed the bowl and poured half of it on the counter.

The perkiness of pink has continued to give me the tickles as the weather has gotten colder.  Beets and bocconcini…fuchsia food is the best kind of food.

Think pink!


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