It can’t be sunny everyday

While I like to maintain the image of effortless perfection and grace, sometimes things don’t go as they are planned. Like lemon muffins. This is my third attempt thusfar at making lemon poppyseed gluten free muffins. I forget what happened the first time. Must have smothered it in my memory bank. The second time, the tops got all white and dry. I had a feeling that the acid from the lemon juice was interfering with starch hydration and causing some sort of separation, so this time I just added the zest to the batter with the intention of pouring a lemon glaze (lemon juice+icing sugar) over the muffins as they were cooling. What a brain wave eh? I thought I was the cat’s whiskers when I thought of that idea.


I got overzealous and decided to use yellow split peas (a la lentil muffin style) to make the latest batch. It didn’t work. They were dry on top and soggy stodgy messes on the inside. The photo is depressing. Well oh well! That’s what I get for changing too many variables at once. Oh and also for not measuring anything. Heh. Back to the drawing board.


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